Brandon "Lark" Larkins, hailing from Baltimore, MD, is an American entrepreneur, actor, producer, songwriter, sports talent, & on air personality.  An athletic alumni of both Loyola Blakefield & U. of Maryland Eastern Shore, he now serves as the CEO / Chairman of CharmLand Entertainment, LLC. Known for his earlier works in HBO's THE WIRE, TBS' Cougar Town, & other shows, he has now propelled to an Executive Producer overseeing projects. Recently, many watched him in the super hero series Chronicles of Jessica Wu, which he co-executive produced.  A former NCAA Division 1 athlete, he now strives merging entertainment & sports.  From songwriting to the world of television / film, his grace, poise, and talents have commanded the attention of audiences, colleagues, and adoring fans.
  Moving along, Larkins now focuses on creating original content and producing to expand the talents & creative side of others. For just as he was given opportunities, he too strives in helping the next wave coming in. 
Larkins credits any accomplishments, success, and / or achievements to his faith in GOD. He humbly acknowledges that he himself has done  nothing solely to be where he is but that he trusts GOD to open doors as well close doors that aren't for his entry. know what?.....he is just fine with that. 
Up next is the anticipation of the scripted series "OTP." Under CharmLand Ent., the series is scheduled for production early-mid 2021.
Thank you for visiting & wishing you a blessed 2021! 


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